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The High school program is for high school players who are trying to play competitive golf. This program will work on helping them get to the "Next Level" on their mental game and scoring techniques. We spend time on the golf course, in seminars and workshops developing the tools needed to become mentally strong in the game of golf. We define goals, create improvement plans, and go over the steps to achieve those goals.
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Is it a clinic?
No, our adult coaching program is a cutting edge coaching program that is based in a team environment that allows each player to achieve their individual goals. No matter your skill level we have a program for you.
Do you offer private golf instruction?
We do private lessons alongside our coaching programs for those of who would like it at additional cost.
How can I find out more about the program in person with one of your Coaches?
Call up for a 30 min game assessment and we will cover all aspects of the program, gather information about the current state of your game, analyze one part of your game and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.
How do I get signed up?
Sign up online our web site. Go to the Coaching tab on the web site, pick your course location, then pick the adult program that works for you and, create your own account that will track all the information required.
Do we have extracurricular activities for our players?
Yes, we have many different programs and tools to help each player customize their own individual experience in order for them to meet their goals. We have a proprietary web based computer tracking system that houses stat tracking, swing videos, skill videos and much more. We also offer free workshops and organized tournaments.
We have a philosophy in order to be successful at golf!
We believe that in order to be successful at golf you have to practice with a purpose, have mental toughness and understand how to manage your game.
Do you have a swing philosophy?
Yes, we believe that each golfer as an individual has an internal swing that we work with them to define. We try to implement minimal technical things in order to get maximum results.
Do you use swing video analysis?
Yes. We use video analysis to help the player understand their swing characteristics in combination with how the tour pros do it. Our goal with the video is not to make a player swing like someone else but to give them a visual perspective in case certain changes are needed.
What if I’m brand new to the game of golf?
Then you found the perfect place to learn in a comfortable, non-threatening environment in our Level 1 program. We do not focus on the golf swing and mechanics as virtually all conventional golf instructors do with beginners. Instead we help you explore your swing with some very basic movements to get you feeling what should be happening. From there you begin your golfing education on what golf is really about and what you can do to improve and enjoy the game for the rest of your life.
What sort of results can I expect?
We guarantee our results do expect to achieve your goals.
Will I be playing with players of my ability?
Yes. We work with our players of all abilities that allows each individual to grow and develop at their own pace in a comfortable environment.
Do adult players go on course?
Yes, we take our players on the course. Our belief is that golf should be learned on the course and not strictly on the driving range. This allows real world scenarios and application of techniques and drills that have been worked on during practice.
What is covered in each class?
We determine the goals of the class by the players there and what they want to accomplish. When reserving a spot in a session, we ask you to tell us what specifically you want to work on.
When are sessions?
That is based upon the coaching program you choose to join.
What is the cost?
Our adult coaching program is the best value in golf instruction and the actual cost will vary based on the package you select and your commitment level. The results are guaranteed and the price is lower than any private instructor price.
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