Adult Coaching


Our adult coaching program guarantees results by working on our committed goals to improve your scores. During the 10 week sessions we have 5 playing lessons and 5 learning workshops. We use the 100 yard and in scoring card to improve our results. Then we use Purposeful Practice to then train during the week for the next class.
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What if I’m brand new to the game of golf?
Then you found the perfect place to learn in a comfortable, non-threatening environment in our Level 1 program. We do not focus on the golf swing and mechanics as virtually all conventional golf instructors do with beginners. Instead we help you explore your swing with some very basic movements to get you feeling what should be happening. From there you begin your golfing education on what golf is really about and what you can do to improve and enjoy the game for the rest of your life.
Do adult players go on course?
Yes, we take our players on the course. Our belief is that golf should be learned on the course and not strictly on the driving range. This allows real world scenarios and application of techniques and drills that have been worked on during practice.
Is it a clinic?
No, our adult coaching program is a cutting edge coaching program that is based in a team environment that allows each player to achieve their individual goals. No matter your skill level we have a program for you.
What is covered in each class?
We determine the goals of the class by the players there and what they want to accomplish. When reserving a spot in a session, we ask you to tell us what specifically you want to work on.
When are sessions?
That is based upon the coaching program team you choose to join.
Will I be playing with players of my ability?
Yes. We work with our players of all abilities that allows each individual to grow and develop at their own pace in a comfortable environment.
What sort of results can I expect?
We guarantee our results do expect to achieve your goals.
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Jane Smith
Jess makes learing the game fun!
I was so nervous when I came into golf now I am confident and shooting under 100.

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